Brass Toff is an instrument Repair, Renovation and Sales business based in Warrington, established in 1983. It continues to perform as one of the leading Brass Repair Specialist companies in the UK, with some of the most competitive prices available.


We are the exclusive UK retailers of Elliott Brass! Elliott Brass Limited, founded by Mr. Elijah Yue is the first manufacturer of brass musical instruments registered in Hong Kong. Elijah is committed to the development and design of brass instruments; from the choice of materials to craftsmanship needed, assuring the highest quality throughout his brand


Brass Toff is proud to be the Sole UK retailer of Elliott Brass and we believe that this range of instruments are some of the finest available today. Each instrument design concept enables the individual player the sound, response and flexibility they desire. Unlike other musical instrument retailers, we aim to sell, "Real Instruments, for Real People, at Real Prices" in order to give everyone the opportunity of owning a quality instrument.

Trade in your instrument for a new one!

Brass Toff are offering a service were you can trade in your old instruments for a nice shiny new one!

Trade in your old instrument or instruments with Brass Toff and they will negotiate a deal to trade it in for brand new Elliott. The Elliott range is a new range of instruments available exclusively to the well known brass repair and renovation business Brass Toff.

The range of instruments has already made its mark only having been available in the UK for just over a year, due to the brands unique desirable tone and mainly their affordable price tags, with players choosing to play the Elliott over other well established brands; such as Simon Cowen (Principal Trombone of the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra) who plays the TB-928G Trombone and Nicóla Shaw (Flugelhorn player of Wingates Band) who plays the FH-868RS Flugelhorn and the CR-978SDT Cornet.

Both players commented:

Simon: Having trialled many designs of Trombone from various manufactures over the past twenty years, this is...Read More the very first time I have been 'completely' satisfied that there is a new Trombone on the market that ticks every box. There are simply no doubts that the Elliott Trombone will be standing strong in the professional orchestral and brass band trombone world very soon.”

Nicóla: “Having recently moved from Cornet to Flugelhorn, my sound was one of the main aspects that I wanted to concentrate on. I knew that Flugelhorns are notoriously difficult for tuning, but having tested many brands of instruments I found the tuning and mainly the wide, rich, horn like tone, was what drew me to the Elliott.

The offer is available to private customers as well as bands. With some new Elliott models being recently released in the UK we are sure there is an Elliott instrument to suit all standards and requirements.

To enquire about the trade in service email brasstoff@btconnect.com or call Paul on 07810712922.