• Regulation of Valves
  • Regulation of Slides
  • Remove accessible minor Dents
  • Replace Felts, corks and springs if necessary
*If you are from a Education Organisation we offer a Educational discount that we will automatically apply to your invoice
Tenor Horn/Baritone/3 valve Euphonium
4 Valve Euphonium
Eb Bass
Bb Bass
French Horns

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Brass Toff's expert and resonantly priced repairs help keep our stock at Love Music Trust in good condition and more importantly help us help Cheshire East schools make music!
-Iain Mcknight

"Having played the Elliott Trombone (TB-928G) for some time now, it is clear that this instrument is streaks ahead of its many rivals.
There has been a lot of thought put into this trombone and the results are truly fantastic.
Having trialled many designs of Trombone from various manufactures over the past twenty years, this is the very first time I have been 'completely' satisfied that there is a new trombone on the market that ticks every box.
The way the instrument blows is exceptional. Just the right balance of resistance to work within The Symphony Orchestra, yet still has the freedom for an array of warmth and colours within the sound. The most perfect amount of resistance in the trigger register, in fact the very best I've encountered.
As for overall intonation on the instrument - always my first concern when trying out a new model - it plays true and perfectly in tune in itself. Such a rare treat.
The Elliott Trombone (TB-928G) is equally impressive within the brilliant sounds of the brass band. Enough bite and vibrancy to help cut across the sound of the saxhorns, yet enough warmth and richness to allow for the mellow sounds to radiate within the section.
There are simply no doubts that the Elliot trombone will be standing strong in the professional orchestral and brass band trombone world very soon.
A triumph at last!"
- Simon Cowen - Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Principal Trombone

Brass Toff's services are second to none, good quality repairs by a man who's been there and seen it. You may even pick up some pearls of wisdom too whilst you're there.

-Ian Sandars

I take all of my instruments here at Brass Toff for repair and any of my students' instruments that need repairing - top quality repairs, great customer service, and all at a great price.
-Iain Culross

I visited Paul today and came away with a lovely new Elliott Brass cornet. Paul and Nicola were very helpful, giving lots of helpful advice to a complete novice. He is so enthusiastic and I would recommend him to anyone.
- Donna Gammage

All repairs to my instruments are done here and always have been. Paul even customised my trombone so I can attach a radio mic and transmitter to it. Fantastic service.
- Ferg Mulcahy